Monday, May 14, 2007

Adoptive Parent Takes Action

Read about what Leane O’Daniel is doing to help fight water-borne parasites in her daughter's province:

Westfield Public Works woman travels to China
“I kept seeing this reoccurring pattern of girls that would come home and after they would get medical tests done, a lot of girls were coming home with Giardia,” said O’Daniel.

Giardia is a parasite that lives in untreated water and once ingested, lives in the intestines. Once Giardia is consumed, flu-like symptoms can occur, and if not properly treated, it can become fatal.

“I kept asking myself, since I am in that industry, what I can do to help prevent these girls from contracting Giardia,” said O’Daniel.


Anonymous Manish C Pathak said...

This is small suggestion to get rid of Giardia. Giardia will not be able to survive if the condition in your gut is not favorable for it. From the continuous research on Giardia, I will suggest to eat High-fibre food, No Glucose, No milk and No fat. There are simple reasons why this food habit will get rid of Giardia in three days. Eating high-fibre food will wipe Giardia from your gut, and induce unfavorable gut layer making it difficult for Giardia to attach and hence multiply. Giardia essentially needs simple sugar to grow, so no Glucose & milk in your food will be compromising for Giardia. Dietary fat is also the main stimulator for the release of bile acids into the intestinal lumen, which giardia trophozoites depend on for survival in the small bowel. Moreover, if you have friendly bacteria among your internal floura in your gut, it will compete with the Giardia for surface to attach. So please try High-fibre food, No Glucose, No milk and No fat.

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