Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jan Risher Column

A poignant column about explaining adoption to a five-year-old:

Risher: Sometimes, saying 'good-bye' can be overwhelming
We talk very openly with Piper about China and our trip there to adopt her. In the past few months, she has worked harder than most would think possible to reconcile in her adoption in her own mind.

Piper was blessed to live most of her life in China with a foster family. We were blessed to meet them and have pictures of her in their home and us all together as they came to tell her good-bye. Taking that child and telling those people who loved her good-bye ranks high on my list of intense moments in life. Piper and I look at the pictures and talk a lot about her foster mom...

And, we talk about Piper's birth mother. We don't have any photos. We didn't meet her. In all likelihood, we'll never know her name. But still, I'd like to think I know something about her. She's probably musical, has an excellent sense of balance, a kind heart and a sound appetite.


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