Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year in Ohio

'Happy new year'
Local adoptive parents work to keep Chinese culture within children's lives

CIRCLEVILLE - The girls giggled together over some chicken with a bowl of oranges nearby, whispering secrets in each others ears.

The oranges and chicken are only two of many items Corrine Woods, 4, and Caroline Rhude, 5, were eating while celebrating the Chinese New Year Sunday at the Grand Buffet in Circleville.

The pair was surrounded by family and friends - other young girls (Maddy Wood, 1; Liliauna Carver, 3, and Maylee Young, 3) adopted from China by Chillicothe locals, and the New Year is just one of several times they all get together.

"We don't want them to lose their culture," said Kim Woods, who started the group of families with her friend Rachel Rhude.

The informal group of friends began three years ago when Rachel and Kim talked about celebrating the Chinese New Year with their daughters. The good fortune that must have sprung from that first New Year's celebration has been a close-knit group that has grown over the last few years to include five area families who have daughters recently adopted from China.


Blogger "M" said...

What fun! :) I'm still waiting, wwaiting, waiting... but we will get to celebrate next new year! :) (referral to come mar/apr?)

Happy New Year.


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