Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virginia Mom Feels Blessed to Have Adopted Again

Prospective parents rush to beat China's new rules
Maggi Tinsley was in a hotel room in China, having just met and picked up her newly adopted daughter, when she realized just how lucky she was.

On that day in December, the Chinese government announced that single parents like Tinsley no longer will be able to adopt Chinese children after new regulations go into effect May 1.

Tinsley recalled being relieved that she filed her adoption paperwork when she did. Otherwise, she could be sitting in limbo, wondering if she would be able to adopt a sister for her other daughter, 5-year-old Caroline, a Chinese girl she adopted in 2002. Instead, she is home with Caroline and 21-month-old Betsy.

"I feel like I'm in a good place, blessed with these wonderful children," said Tinsley, 47, marketing coordinator for the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. "They're healthy and happy, and I get to be a mom. I'm grateful to China for making that possible."


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