Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wall Streeters Adopt

It's hard not to be cynical with a headline like this from the New York Post:

Adoptions of Chinese children are now wildly popular among the cream of Wall Street society - and shouldn't slow with China's planned new restrictions coming next year...

One recent financial high-roller to adopt in China is trader Matt Andresen, a top boss at hedge fund behemoth Citadel Investment Group. He and his wife - who already have three biological boys - made their emotional journey to China this month. Like most other adopted Chinese children, his is a girl...

Andresen said the process in China is easy. But, he added, seemingly half-joking: "We knew where we had to go - and how much money to grease which guy with."

Not even half-funny, Mr. Andresen, considering the recent Hunan trafficking controversy. Save the jokes for your cocktail parties.


Blogger Lisa and Shane said...

Wow - that heading AND that 'joke'... both made me gasp. Your comment though was spot on.

Lisa (Australia)

12:29 AM  

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