Thursday, December 21, 2006

New CCAA Rules: Implications in Canada

Rules put Chinese adoptions out of reach
Single or older prospective parents worry over chances of getting accepted before new limitations take effect

In Quebec, where few couples actually marry and women are waiting longer to have children, new, tighter rules for adopting children from China are expected to hit hard.

Mireille Vennes of the Societe formons une famille - one of two agencies that help Montrealers adopt from China - predicts there may even be a mini adoptive-baby boom as single or older prospective parents rush in their applications before the new rules take effect May 1.

Then there will be a crash.

The rules, confirmed yesterday by a Chinese government official, all but bar single people and those over 50, by putting those categories at the bottom of the ever-expanding list of applicants, Vennes said.


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