Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Transracial Adoption

Experts divided on transracial adoption
Karen Tabor, of Rancho Mirage, adopted a girl 15 years ago who is half white and half black. Tabor and her husband are white.

The girl played with dolls of different colors -- including black dolls -- when she was younger, but otherwise there was little deliberate exposure to black culture, Tabor said.

"She's very comfortable with who she is," Tabor said. "The most important part of the identity thing was to make her feel she was beautiful, and make it seem that (her skin color) is something she would be proud of."

The girl has friends of many races at school, she said...

Christine Murphy and her husband adopted a 14-month-old girl from China in 1998, in part because the Rancho Mirage woman heard stories of biological fathers in the United States claiming custody of children after the mothers gave them up for adoption.

Murphy said she and her husband have strived to expose their child to Chinese culture, including celebrating the Chinese New Year every year with other Chinese children and teaching her about Chinese culture.

"We've brought her up to be very proud of her Chinese heritage," Murphy said.


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