Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Washington Adoption Story

How many sleeps till Lucy?
Life has certainly changed for my husband, Eric, and me since we adopted our daughter, Wendy, from China three years ago. Our home is filled with a feeling of joy, warmth and a youth that we two 40-somethings are grateful for. That is until she has a meltdown, which I realized happened mostly during the threes, not the "terrible twos."

Time seems to speed by as Wendy conquers preschool, a trip to Scotland and riding her bike - albeit with training wheels. It might only be our weekly trips to her favorite restaurant, Harvest Garden, in Marysville, but we keep her connection to China as strong as we can: Mandarin lessons, Chinese calligraphy and kung fu to come (her choice, not ours).

We are blessed to have a very sweet and kind daughter. The three of us were having such a great time that it felt right to wonder if we should adopt again.

"You must be nuts," a friend of mine said. "You're too old. Don't do it."

But Eric and I had hoped for another child, so in December we applied to the adoption agency in the hopes of finding a brother or sister for Wendy


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