Monday, August 07, 2006

Reunion in Dodge City

Six adopted Chinese girls reunite during Dodge City Days
A bit of China came to Dodge City Days this weekend.

Local residents Craig and Janie Mock adopted a 1-year-old Chinese girl in 1997. The adoption agency put the Mocks in a group with eight other families who traveled to China to adopt a girl, and each family adopted a 1-year-old Chinese girl.

"When we were over there, we spent two weeks in China getting the visas, the papers and everything else," Janie Mock said. "We really got close during those two weeks, so we decided we wanted the girls to keep in contact with each other."

A year after the families returned to the States, the group started getting together every other year, and now it's the Mocks turn to host the reunion. Six families from New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Florida and Texas came to the Mocks home Thursday and will stay until Sunday.

Mock said the girls attended the rodeo Friday night decked out in cowboy hats and T-shirts. She, her husband and their 12-year-old son, Brett, take their adopted daughter, Macy, to the rodeo every year.

Mock said Macy loves the rodeo and looks forward to it every year.


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