Monday, August 07, 2006

Back to Reality

We had a great weekend in St. Michaels. Spent Saturday afternoon walking around the quaint downtown area, browsing in the shops and working up out appetite. Dinner was at 208 Talbot , a place we had spotted on our last visit but didn't get a chance to try. It was strange not having to ask for a booster seat but other than that it was "just like old times" when nice dinners out by ourselves didn't require such planning. We stayed at the Harbour Inn, where I was surprised to find out that my very resourseful wife had found an "internet special" and we got to stay in a super fantastic room for about half the price it normally costs. Thanks, sweetie! Sunday we cruised up and down the Miles River before heading back to pick up Ally from our friends' house. Overall, a very nice time. I recommend hanging one of those "Do Not Disturb" signs outside your door every once in a while. Maybe we should have brought that one home...


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