Monday, August 07, 2006

Helping Others Through the Process

Dreams come true for adoptive parents
Adoption has opened many new doors for Allan and Pam Ogburn of Camden.

The couple adopted a Chinese girl, Brianna, 5, in March 2002 after being told by doctors that they were unable to have children.

Turns out they decided to get even more involved with international adoption:

Because the Ogburns love to tell their story of adopting Brianna and now the process of adopting a second child, they decided to become regional officers for the Great Wall headquarters. Becoming regional officers will allow them to help other couples in the Midlands and along the South Carolina coast with the Chinese adoption process. They will hold seminars to educate people on the process with basic questions such as getting a birth certificate and finger printing for the child's Visa to get back into the United States.

Good for them. Some of the best assistance comes from those who have gone through it all before.


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