Sunday, June 18, 2006

Instant Fatherhood

Today's Washington Post contains an op-ed piece by Dawn DiGiorgio about how adopting a daughter from China made a profound difference in her husband's life, not unlike my own:

Fatherhood in an Instant
What I do know is that something magical happened on that day, Sept. 14, 2005, and I saw it from the moment it began. I handed our new daughter to my husband, and they both gazed at each other, as if sizing up one another. I felt the energy pass between the two of them -- it was electric, indescribable. Her face suddenly lighted up with a brilliant smile and she cooed, "Oh."

He was shocked, looking as surprised as if he had seen some ethereal vision. He sighed and responded simply, "Oh."

It was a matter of seconds, but it will be etched in my memory forever: this moment that he became a father. I had known long before that I was a mother. He didn't know until that moment that he was a father. I could see the transformation take place.

The transformation continues...


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