Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Adopted woman meets bio family after 45 years

This is an amazing story:

FOR decades, Madam Hayati Jantan, 45, carried a secret sorrow in her heart.

When she was 12, she found out that she was born to Chinese parents but was given up for adoption to a Malay family when she was 2 weeks old...

She found out only by accident when her mum asked her to pass some rolled-up documents to her dad...

It was a set of adoption papers with the names of her biological parents, her adoptive parents and the name she was given at birth: Lim Peng Hoon.

Then, the young Hayati suddenly realised why some of her neighbours used to tease her, saying she looked different and that her parents had picked her up from the rubbish bin...

Torn between wanting to find her real family and not upsetting her adoptive parents, she decided to keep the knowledge to herself and shelved the idea of searching for her biological family.

'I was afraid I would hurt my adoptive parents. To them, I'm their child,' she said.

But in February this year, after more three decades of secret pain, Madam Hayati, a property agent, decided it was time to find her biological family.

Read the whole thing.


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