Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pessimistic Outlook for China's Adoption Program

Is adoption door closing?
The number of couples hoping for a baby now so dramatically exceeds the available abandoned infants that it could take at least three years, if not more, to adopt. Officials for the China Centre of Adoption Affairs said there were an almost insurmountable 25,000 files - including 600 Canadians - waiting to be matched with Chinese orphans.

With each passing week, China matches fewer babies to foreign couples. Some months only 400 referrals are sent out worldwide - compared to 1,000 just a year before. And it seems likely it could take five years or longer to match waiting couples with infants. Growing wait times are reflected in the operations of the world's adoption agencies, some of which no longer accept files from people wishing to adopt from China.


Blogger Sheri said...

Ray, There is a parent who reads Chinese in my elder daughter's adoption parents group; he keeps an eye out for Finding Ads placed in our daughters' birth city newspaper (electronic version). He posted this morning that an ad just appeared... listing only THIRTEEN (13) children found in a 5 month period. In Nov 2002, when my older daughter was born, this same orphanage was receiving nearly one child A DAY, judging by her Finding Ad. What a difference a few years can bring!!! Hang in there!!

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