Saturday, February 09, 2008

Georgia Adoption Story

Family Adopts 4 International Children
Stefanie Leist knows well the challenges of motherhood. She has two grown children and, each morning, she wakes up sons Dalton and Asher to gets them ready to head off to school...

Then one day her husband came to her with an idea that would change everything."God had just really put on his heart that there was a little girl in China and I thought he was crazy! I mean really," she said. "We have 4 kids, a full house, we're busy."

In the summer of 2004, Leist and her husband began the process of international adoption. A year later they came home from China with little Isabelle and a year after that with Sophie, both orphaned special needs children...

Then in June 2007, they brought home little Jude. The boy's clubbed feet were so severe at the time that he couldn't even stand. The adoption process wasn't seamless but Leist will tell you that no addition to the family is. ...

Stefanie wears a pendant around her neck of Shepard, the little boy she will bring home from China this summer.


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