Sunday, March 04, 2007

Belief in Mythology Behind Upcoming Chinese Baby Boom?

Year of the Pig sparks Chinese baby boom
BEIJING - Until recently, many expectant mothers in China's capital were working hard not to have their babies.

In the week before the Chinese New Year began last month, some lay in bed "to delay going into labor" while others refused to give birth by Cesarean section, despite the risk of complications, said Dr. Zhao Yun, director of the obstetrics department at Beijing's Chaoyang Hospital.

Like untold thousands across China, the women were waiting for the wheel of fate to turn.

Since Feb. 18, when according to China's traditional lunar calendar the Year of the Dog ended and the Year of the Pig began, couples hoping to have babies under the traditionally auspicious sign of the pig have flooded China's hospitals.

"Many Chinese believe that it's good to have a baby during the Year of the Pig because traditionally pigs represent wealth," said Zhao Zhiheng, an expert on traditional astrology at the Astronomy Society of Tianjin.


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