Thursday, January 18, 2007

Starbucks Thwarted in Bid For World Domination

Report: China Palace Starbucks May Close
BEIJING (AP) -- Managers of China's vast Forbidden City palace are deciding whether to close a Starbucks outlet on its grounds after protests led by a state TV personality, a news report said Thursday...

"The museum is working with Starbucks to find a solution by this June in response to the protests," the official Xinhua News Agency quoted a palace spokesman, Feng Nai'en, as saying.

A news anchor for China Central Television has led an online campaign to remove Starbucks, which opened in the palace in 2000 at the invitation of its managers, who are under pressure to raise money to maintain the vast complex.

That's my wife outside the offending Starbucks. It was relief to find it because we were starving and this was the only place around to get something to eat.


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