Monday, January 15, 2007

Couple Adopts Two Girls From Ethiopia

Don't tell Roland Wilson or Solangel Maldonado:

Heitritters make Ethiopian girls part of their family
The Ethiopian national anthem gets played many times during the day at Steve and Laura Heitritter’s home north of Boyden. Their newly adopted daughter, Shaya, requests the song repeatedly. “It’s her connection to the life she left, and I think she’s still homesick and grieving,” explained Laura sympathetically.

Steve, Laura and two of their four children, Emma, 14 and Thomas, 8, traveled to Ethiopia last month to bring home two girls, Shaya, 41/2, and Megan, 11 months.

The two were living in an orphanage because their mother couldn’t support them. Since arriving in Boyden on Dec. 16, they have been adjusting to a new language, foods, culture and cold weather...

They first investigated adopting children from China, but then decided to focus on Africa with its many children orphaned because of AIDs and poverty.


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