Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jane Liedtke Article in China Daily

Ex-professor leads adopted kids home
Jane Liedtke remembers vividly the first time she set eyes on her adopted daughter.

"She was tiny, underfed and covered in lice," she said. "But we had an immediate bond; I could feel it so strongly."

It was 1994 and the then-university professor, who had traveled from her home in Bloomington, Illinois to China to adopt a child, had found Emily, a scrawny 17-month-old baby, living in a barren, State-run orphanage. She had been there for more than a year after being found abandoned on the steps of a small-town hospital.

Now Emily is a bubbly 13-year-old, and Liedtke is running a not-for-profit organization that helps hundreds of families from Europe and the US return to China with their adopted children. The Our Chinese Daughters Foundation (OCDF) has also helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of the country's most impoverished orphanages.


Blogger Joanne said...

Hi, I just found your blog and think it's great! We are LID 10/16/06!

My husband and I were featured in the article, MY CHINA DOLL, and I must say I was also shocked at the title and by the comment made about "which guy to grease". I agreed to be interviewed because I thought it would bring awareness and also show that this is a wonderful option to add to your family! I wasn't thrilled with the first :

However, when my husband went back to work the next day, he was approached by 2 people who saw the article and were interested in China adoption! They wanted more info about our agency and about the process! So, I am happy to say, some good came out of this article (thank goodness!)

I am happy I was interviewed, but I will be more cautious if there is a next time :)

10:06 AM  
Blogger Beckett Gray said...

I just found your blog and thanks for sharing. I love what Dr. Liedtke is doing...

My non-profit recently published a new book on Chinese adoptive parenting.

“The Dragon Sisterhood: A Guide to Chinese Adoptive Parenting” .

It can be found on our blog:

I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing that with your readers.

Thanks!Beckett Gray

10:02 AM  

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