Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Adoptive Dad Writes of His Experiences

No, not me. This guy does a much better job:

Adopting from China: Forget what you know
AVON, Ind. — I never realized I could have so much in common with someone who lived on the other side of the world.

Before traveling to China for the first time, I made certain to learn a little about the place. I wanted to know as much about their culture, language, and customs as I could. After all, soon I would be the parent of a baby that was from China, the least I could do was learn a little about her home country.

I spoke at length with other families who had endured the lengthy adoption process. I read voluminous e-mails and detailed essays on the dangers of ordering a hamburger in China (don’t even think about it) and preparing for conditions that sounded more like a camping trip in the jungle than a visit to an industrialized nation.

Although the warnings seemed a little extreme, what did we know: These people had been to China and we had not. As a precaution, my wife and I packed one large suitcase with nothing but energy bars for sustenance and assorted medical treatments for everything from scabies to snake bites, just in case. We wound up giving away all of the energy bars to the locals who thought they were candy bars, and donating all the medicine to the orphanage, though they were unsure if it would be used before expiration.

Read the whole thing.


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