Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekend Plans

Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn (or Moon) Festival. This is a time of year when families traditionally get together and eat moon cakes while gazing skyward at the full moon. I’m not sure we’ll get to see the moon tonight; it’s supposed to rain all day and into tomorrow. However, I did stop at the local Asian grocery store yesterday and picked up a moon cake, which came in a decorative box. I have to confess, I didn’t know what went into making a moon cake. I thought they were like Moon Pies, but moon cakes are actually quite different. Moon cakes are made with a red bean or lotus seed paste. The Asian grocery had both, so I asked which one was better. The woman who worked there said the cake made with lotus paste was more traditional, so I went with that one. She also said these cakes had an egg yolk in the middle. I can feel my cholesterol going up already. Legend has it that in the 14th century, the moon cakes were used to hide messages for a planned rebellion against the Mongol oppressors.

We’re planning to head into Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia, this evening. I need to pick up my race packet for the Army Ten Miler, which will take place on Sunday. While we’re there, we’ll look for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There is a Charlie Chiang’s there now, which may not be the most traditional place but might be our only option. This Sunday, after my race, we’ll be meeting up with a local FWCC group at Cox Farms for more Fall Festival activities. In addition, the Maryland Terrapin and the Texas Aggie football games are both televised on Saturday, not to mention the fact that my Giants are playing her Redskins on Sunday afternoon. This is shaping up to be a pretty full weekend.


Blogger Tim said...

I've never had the moon cakes with red bean paste, but I have had the lotus paste ones many times. They're good, even with the egg yolk in the middle. :-)

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