Sunday, October 01, 2006

Texas Tech 31, Texas A&M 27

It's no secret that Texas Tech owns the Aggies. A&M has now lost five of the last six match ups to Tech, a team that used to be an easy win. That wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, but the Texas Tech fans look at A&M as their main rival now, which feeling is not reciprocated by the Aggies. As a result of their recent success, thanks to a pass-happy run and gun offense that the Aggies always have a hard time against, Red Raider fans have become downright obnoxious. And it's not a good-natured ribbing, either. The Aggies and their fans are treated worse in Lubbock, an oasis of dullness in "Friday Night Lights" country, than they are anywhere else, including Austin.

Last night they lost on (what else) a last minute touchdown pass that, I guess, caught the defense by surprise. I mean, who thought they'd try a pass play down by three with under a minute to go? So that means another year of Texas Tech lording it over the Aggies, who will try to gain some measure of payback next year Jones Stadium, by far one of the ugliest fields in college football.

I think if the Aggies don't at least make it to a bowl game this year, Coach Fran has to go. The honeymoon is over, these are all his guys and they are at best mediocre. They stuggled against Army and haven't beaten anyone of consequence this year. Start the search now.


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