Thursday, September 21, 2006

Want Fries With That?

Sex, Skin, Fireworks, Licked Fingers -- It's a Quarter Pounder Ad in China
SHANGHAI, China -- Beef is luxurious. Beef is healthy. And, yes, beef is sexy.

These are the messages McDonald's Corp. is sending Chinese consumers as it tries to seduce them into eating more hamburgers. One racy billboard ad features a close-up of a women's lips; on another ad on the door of restaurants, a woman runs her hand over a man's flexed biceps. "Flirt with your senses," signs say.

The campaign -- supporting the introduction in China of the Quarter Pounder -- is part of a shift in strategy for McDonald's. The company recently started focusing less on selling menu items created especially to appeal to local Chinese markets and more on pushing traditional American hamburgers.


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