Friday, September 15, 2006

New Daily Flight to China Planned

The Transportation Department is going to choose one airline to operate a new non-stop route to China. One of the leading contenders is a United flight from Dulles to Beijing. That interests us because we have miles on United and we live about ten miles from Dulles International Airport. However, a flight to Beijing may not be the best plan, unless it's a stop-over on our trip to our next child's province, as we probably won't tour Beijing again (like we did in 2004) with Ally in tow. Unless someone wants to accompany us. Hint hint.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is actually a coalition of Washington, DC-based businesses, organizations and individuals working to convince the Department of Transportation that DC needs to be connected to China. There are 28 world capitals that have non-stop service to Beijing, but not Washington.

The group is chaired by Jane Garvey, the former Administrator of the FAA, and James Bennett, the President of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

If you're interested in helping to make this possible, you can send an e-mail through their website,

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