Saturday, August 26, 2006

Re-adoption Gets Easier in Pennsylvania

New law to ease foreign adoptions
For many parents of foreign-born adopted children, readopting those children once they are brought home to the United States provides an added sense of security.

A state law, set to take effect Sept. 7, could make the process easier for them.

"We feel more peaceful," said Sherry Sariano, 59, the mother of two girls adopted from China and then readopted in Pennsylvania. "We now have a document in our hand, besides ones written in Chinese, that says she is our child."

Even if an adoption is finalized in the child's home country, finalizing it again in the U.S. reinforces the documentation of that adoption.

Until now, that process differed from county to county, with some counties requiring families to hire a lawyer, and others simply asking for paper work to be filed. But the new law will streamline that process and standardize it across the state.


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