Friday, August 18, 2006

Pennsylvania Adoption Story

You don't hear about very many adoptions fro Taiwan. Here's one:

Teen adopted as American couple's ninth child
An American couple adopted a Taiwanese girl in the southern city of Jiayi on Thursday, making her their ninth child.

William Adams, an emergency room surgeon at a hospital in Pennsylvania, and his wife Betty adopted 11-year-old Fan Ya-hui at a ceremony held at a Catholic church under the witness of Liao Su-hui, the wife of the Jiayi county magistrate, officials from the Jiayi county government in charge of social affairs, and church workers.

At the ceremony, Adams said he and his wife have four children of their own, four adopted children, and that Ya-hui will be their fifth adopted child. The four other adopted children include two sons and one daughter from China, aged four, five and six, respectively, and one son from South Korea, who is three years old.

Adams said there are no cultural problems at his home with so many kids with different ethnic backgrounds around.


Blogger raven said...

At least they have no problems.

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