Thursday, August 17, 2006

Florida Adoption Story

Family marks adoption day
For most families, July 29 is not a particularly remarkable day. Anniversaries and birthdays aside, it isn't necessarily a call for celebration anywhere in the world, except in our family, where it marks the end of one miraculous journey and the beginning of another.

July 29, 2002, is our “Gotcha Day” - the day a tiny, frightened 14-month-old baby girl was placed in my arms as we stood in the hallway of a hotel in Fouzhou, China. Her name, we had been told, was Xiao Bao, which means “Little Treasure.” It was given to her by the orphanage worker who discovered her lying swaddled in a blanket on a chilly October morning outside the gates of the Gutian Welfare Institute. To my husband, John, and me, she was a gift from God, so we decided that thenceforth she would be called Grace Xiaobao Kurowski. OK, so it's not an easy name for a little kid, but we like to think it's an accurate reflection of who she really is.


Blogger Steve and Kristen said...

What a lovely story. We too adopted our daughter from the Gutian Welfare Institute and met her in a hotel in Fozhou. You brought back some sweet memories.

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