Monday, August 28, 2006

Minnesota Reunion

Families keep in touch after Chinese adoptions, too
The families of 16 toddlers also gathered in Duluth this weekend, catching up one year after they traveled to China to adopt their children.

Some of the kids came from the same collective foster homes, said Chris Bacigalupo of Duluth. He and Patrice Bradley are the parents of Lydia, 2.

The Chinese adoption process ensures kids won't ever know their biological parents, so it's important to maintain their earliest known Chinese ties, Bacigalupo said.

"As the years go by, they'll have a sense of continuity," he said.

The kids -- ranging in age from 22 months to3 years -- joined their siblings and families for a beach outing Saturday and a brunch Sunday. Most families were from Minnesota and Wisconsin, but others traveled from California and Illinois.

After an intense 17-day experience last year in China, it was fun to relax together, Bacigalupo said.

"We talk about behaviors, positive and negative," he said, laughing. "(Our) bond centers around just these brilliant little kids with great spirits."

He said he looks forward to the day his daughter can stay with the other families, and other kids can stay with his family.


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