Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NYT article on post-adoption depression

After the Adoption, a New Child and the Blues
When Dr. Michele Zembow, 45 and single, adopted a 15-month-old girl, Kaydi, from China five years ago, the two fell in love instantly.

Dr. Zembow had taken three months off work to ease the transition. "I thought it would be like a vacation, this wonderful time with the baby," she said.

Instead, she felt overwhelmed by the round-the-clock demands of the baby. She experienced anxiousness, had bouts of weepiness and felt somewhat isolated and lost. At times, she found herself yelling and short-tempered with Kaydi, whom she adored.

"I had an anxious type of depression," said Dr. Zembow, a psychologist in Maplewood, N.J. "I felt like I had this romanticized, idealized version of what it would be like that was not at all true."


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