Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tricycle across America

Local Family Plans Triplet-Bicycle Ride Across U.S. To Raise Money For Charity
A local family of three is planning to embark on a cross-county cycling adventure together, and they say their little girl is the reason why.

The Nunes family plans to ride a bicycle built for three from Florida to Washington state to help raise awareness of a need to adopt orphaned children from China...

The Nuneses said they have always told their 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Nunes, she can do anything, and now, they intend to prove it...

The Nunes family's goal is to ride across the country from their house in Jacksonville to a new home in Poulsbo, Wash. The journey is expected begin on April 1 and will take them about 5,200 miles through 16 states, and an estimated 4-6 months to complete.

Even using the least optimistic estimate of six months to complete the 5200-mile journey, that still works out to over 28 miles per day every day! Rain or shine, hot or cold. I hope they make it.


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