Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

A couple of stories, appropriate for today:

Scituate dad gets swing of things
Dave McCowan of Scituate, whose youngest child was adopted from China in December, may work full time, but he doesn’t let that keep him from his family.

“Just to be able to see them through the day is a huge plus,” said McCowan, who works from home about two days a week.

The software engineer said fatherhood slowed his work schedule a bit since he and his wife, Susan, adopted their youngest daughter, Anna, who was 10 months when the family brought her home from China through Wide Horizons, an adoption service in Waltham.


Follow the following link to read an excerpt from Jeff Gammage's book "China Ghosts":

Becoming her father
I thought that when I became a father I would know things.

Not everything. But some things.

I thought that being placed in charge of a child would instill in me the knowledge that other parents - my own - seemed always to possess. That by becoming a father, the best choice, the logical selection, would now be obvious.

Instead, those right, rational choices remain as elusive as ever.


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