Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boy Shortage

Wifeless future for China's men
China's future problems are easy to spot. You can see them in the front row of the Hui Kang kindergarten class in the city of Huizhou.

Four boys sit next to a girl. Further back, a girl in pigtails and a pink jumper stands out amid a group of boys.

In recent years, the kindergarten has been getting more and more boys.

Since the late 1970s Chinese couples have been allowed just one child - and most parents here prefer to have a son.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I have read that perhaps in the future the girls adopted from China, and/or their birth mothers may someday want to search for each other. I was wondering what your thoughts are in perhaps some of the brothers left behind may want to search for their bio sisters, and if they could be successful, and if they would want help in caring for their parents. I understand that boys are presumed to take care of their aging parents, but that doesn't seem to be an easy life for them. To me, it seems that one day, these boys might become very angry.

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