Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Anna Mae He Case

This case is not one of a birthparent appearing out of the blue to reclaim their child. It's more complicated, since both sets of parents apparently knew each other from very early on in Anna's life. The real question was whether there was a transfer of parental rights or simply an unwritten agreement. Still sad for all parties involved. I do, however, take Shaoqiang He's comment as a bit of a slap at adoptive parents.

Court Rules Against Foster Parents
Chinese Couple To Get Child

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a 7-year-old girl raised by an American couple since infancy must be returned to her Chinese parents, who say they never intended to give her up for adoption.

Shaoqiang He, a 42-year-old restaurant manager in Memphis, said he will probably return to China with his family after a transition period for Anna Mae He. She turns 8 on Sunday and has spent all but the first three weeks of her life with foster parents Jerry and Louise Baker.

"We have a big bedroom for her in our apartment, and we're going to buy clothing and furniture for her," He said in the telephone interview. "She knows by her face that she is Chinese, and she must be asking the Bakers, 'Where is my mom? Where is my dad?' "


Blogger PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I only recently heard about this 7 year battle and when I read it I was left not knowing to feel.........still don't
PS. Great pic on your blog of Wall.
Did you put the pic on there yourself? Wish I knew how to add a pic to the top of my blog, it is kinda blah

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