Sunday, October 15, 2006

Texas A&M 25, Missouri 19

Nice win for the Aggies yesterday against previously unbeaten Missouri. Perhaps Coach Fran can move off that hot seat for now. As much grief as he and the Aggies are getting, the bottom line is they're 6-1 and are a last-minute touchdown pass away from being undefeated. And that loss to Texas Tech is looking uglier since they got their clock cleaned yesterday by previously winless Colorado.

I didn't get to watch the game, but it seems the Ags jumped to an early lead and Missouri tied it at 17 just before the half. The defense clamped down in the second half, just like they did against Kansas, and didn't give up a point as the A&M offense played ball control.

The real test will be when the Aggies play the better teams in the Big 12: OU and Nebraska at home and Texas in Austin. OU just lost Adrian Peterson for the season, so that might be a winnable game.


Anonymous Robert Bolling said...

"the bottom line is they're 6-1 [with the 118th most difficult schedule in college football according to Sagarin] and are a last-minute touchdown pass away from being undefeated." Weren't they as close to losing to Army as they were to winning against Tech? They might go to 8-1, but I suspect they'll finish 8-4.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Ray said...

If the Aggies go 8-4, it would be Coach Fran's best season, which would no doubt buy him another year at the helm. That record would coume as a result of a weak non-conference schedule. I think they play Miami (of Florida) next year, who, even in a down year, are better than anyone else they played in the first month.

2:06 PM  

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