Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Natalie Nichols Gillespie

Author could've used own book
When she was looking to adopt, she wanted a guidebook with a Christian perspective. Not finding one, she decided to write it...

When she began the adoption process with [her husband] Adam, Natalie Gillespie wondered how many others felt like she did. Just where were they supposed to start? Should they adopt in or out of the country? Could they really afford it?

All of those and more questions got her thinking as she searched the Internet, read books and asked friends who had adopted before for answers. She had yet to find a handbook with a Christian perspective. A practical book with some guidance from Scripture was what she needed.

So she floated the idea to an editor she knew. And as she and her husband made their way through the yearlong process to adopt Amberlie, Gillespie started writing. The 394-page book came out July 21. Amberlie came home July 28.

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