Sunday, July 23, 2006


The tropical storm that is my sisters and their kids is now centered somewhere over Long Island. Damage here in Virginia was minimal, but its presence was definitely felt. As mentioned, we met at Port Discovery, where the kids had lots of fun. Here's Ally creating music the John Cage way by randomly placing wooden balls on a conveyor belt where they fall off at the end and strike keys of various tones. There are ways to arrange the balls so that they play recognizable songs, but hardly anybody was doing that.

Saturday was the Key West Fest at Breaux Vineyards. The weather forecast was not encouraging but the sun broke through right around 10 AM, so we decided to make the trip west. The rain held off and we indulged in some wine along with a bit of jerk chicken (my wife's pet name for me. Ha!) and cheeseburgers in paradise. Here is Ally with her two cousins, before getting into the sandbox and visiting the face painter.

Nothing says festive like plastic leis, huh? As far as the wines go, the reds fared better than the whites and the 2002 Merlot shows real promise. If it's anything like the 2001, it should be a real gem.


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